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Sounds Atlantic Radio


Ron Moores’ Sounds Atlantic began in September 2007 as a program dedicated to the music of Canada’s Atlantic Provinces of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Sounds Atlantic focuses primarily upon the traditional music of Atlantic Canada, music that is more acoustically based, heritage and roots music.

Sounds Atlantic is no longer broadcast on CJHR, the program became a “podcast” in October, 2019 and is now available on most podcast carriers as well as on Ron’s website at

In addition, Sounds Atlantic is now broadcast every Wednesday afternoon on radio station VOBB FM, The Voice of Bonne Bay in Norris Point, in Gross Morne National Park, on the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador, thanks to Anita Best who also hosts a weekly folk music show. Anita is an iconic performer in her own right as well as a member of the Order of Canada.

Ron brings diverse programming and insight into what lay behind the scenes in traditional music from Atlantic Canada. Sounds Atlantic profiles artists who play the rich diversity of traditional music – from yesterday’s folk and Celtic music to today’s “trad” and “roots” scene – music generally not found on commercial radio. In April 2020, Ron celebrated his 27th year as a radio host, having hosted the Back 40 on CKCU 93.1 FM Radio Carleton in Ottawa since April, 1993. March 2020 marked CKCU FM’s 50th year “in your ears”.

In 2010 at the Central Canada Bluegrass Awards held at the end of November, at Deerhurst Lodge in Huntsville Ontario, Ron became a member of the Central Canada Bluegrass Association’s “Honour Roll”, having won five consecutive titles as “DJ of the Year” between 2005 and 2009 inclusive.

In January 2011, Ron was presented with the “David Tinkoff Award” for having “made a special contribution to the life of the bluegrass community in the Ottawa area”.

Regular Features

Special Promotional Broadcasts

  • The Newfoundland/Labrador Folk Festival in St. John’s NL
  • The East Coast Music Awards
  • The Tales, Trails and Tunes Festival in Norris Point, NL
  • PEI Mutual Festival of Small Halls in Prince Edward Island
  • Celtic Colours Festival in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

There are regular features you can count on, such as:

  • Easter and Christmas Gospel Shows
  • For lovers on Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas in Atlantic Canada
  • Year in Review and Preview at year’s end
  • New Releases and Discoveries from Atlantic Canada
  • Special Profiles and Features

Ron brings diverse programming and insight into what lay behind the scenes in traditonal music from Atlantic Canada. “Sounds Atlantic” profiles artists who play the rich diversity of traditional music – from yesterday’s folk and celtic music to today’s “trad” and “roots” scene – music generally not found on commercial radio.


Ron attends numerous summer music festivals and events in Atlantic Canada such as the Newfoundland-Labrador Folk Festival, the East Coast Music Awards and the Woody Point Writers Festival on the island’s Great Northern Peninsula. Ron was invited to perform at the fifth annual “Trails, Tales and Tunes Festival” at Norris Point in Gross Morne National Park.

In addition, Ron interviews established artists and bands as well as up-and-coming artists, both local and international. These interviews are featured throughout the year, providing interesting insights into the people and inspirations behind the music.

Over the past few years, Ron’s guests have included:

From Newfoundland

  • Sherry Ryan
  • Earle and Coffin
  • Rachel Cousins
  • Kim Stockwood
  • Neil Rosenberg
  • Chris Andrews (Shanneyganock/Chris Andrews Band)
  • Jim Payne
  • Matthew Byrne
  • Graham Wells
  • Anchors Aweigh
  • The Once
  • Duane Andrews
  • The Ray Walsh Family
  • Ron Hynes
  • Chris Andrews, Mark Hiscock and Shanneyganock
  • Tarahan
  • Fergus O’Byrne (Ryan’s Fancy)
  • Frank Maher and the Mahers Bars
  • The Masterless Men
  • Colleen Power
  • Pamela Morgan and Figgy Duff
  • Dave Panting and Rawlins Cross
  • Dave Penny
  • Vicki Hynes
  • Wilf Doyle
  • Rik Barron
  • Shirley Montague
  • Art Stoyles
  • Daniel Payne
  • Gerry Strong
  • Allan Ricketts
  • Jeff Quilty
  • Karla Pilgrim
  • Joe Belly (Phil Goodland)

From Nova Scotia

  • Rose Cousins (original from PEI)
  • The Cottars
  • Smokin’ Contraband
  • J.P. Cormier
  • Dave Gunning
  • The Spinney Brothers
  • Blue Horizon
  • Cindy Church
  • Ryan Cook
  • Catherine Lawrence
  • Old Man Luedecke
  • Brad Reid

From New Brunswick:

  • The Divorcees
  • David Myles
  • Thom Swift
  • Francis Cormier and The Bluegrass Diamonds
  • Ray Legere
  • Paul Hébert
  • Dan Cunningham
  • True Blue

From Prince Edward Island:

  • Ashley Condon
  • Billy McInnis
  • Janet McGarry
  • Catherine MacLellan
  • Lennie Gallant
  • Colette Cheverie
  • The Grass Mountain Hobos
  • Vishten
  • Richard Wood
  • Gordon Belsher
  • Kendra MacGillivray
  • Eddie Quinn and Fiddlers’ Sons

Guests from outside Atlantic Canada
(American, Canadian, Australian “cousins”)

  • Tim Stafford (USA)
  • Dale Anne Bradley (USA)
  • Irene Kelly (USA)
  • Matt Pattershuk (Alberta via BC)
  • Tim Hus (Alberta, Canada)
  • Steve Gulley (U.S.A.)
  • Claire Lynch (U.S.A.)
  • Kathey Mattea (U.S.A.)
  • The Davidson Brothers (Australia)
  • Tim O’Brien (U.S.A.)
  • April Verch (Ontario, Canada)